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As a consequence of this policy there are lots of areas of legal practice that we do not cover, but, as the saying goes "we know a man that does" and we can refer you to other specialist firms that can assist you. We would rather pass you on to someone who can help you rather than pretend we can help you when we can't. However, in the areas that we do specialise in we offer a personalised service that we think is second-to-none, so check out our specialisms below for more information.

Barkers was formed in 1992 when Senior Partner Jeremy Barker left the Partnership of Keogh Ritson (now "Keoghs") to "go it alone". He had been a partner there since 1986 specialising in Divorce, Family matters, and Crime. With Jeremy from Keoghs came Diane Ford, his secretary, and a Receptionist/Telephonist was recruite. Lisa Meehan joined as an Assistant Solicitor in October 1993 and left to have a baby in February 1997. Michelle Newton joined Jeremy as a Trainee Solicitor in October that year to replace Lisa. When Michelle qualified in May 2000 he was more than pleased to offer her a permanent position as an Assistant Solicitor. Michelle's progress has now been recognised by promotion to being a full Equity Partner and they both work together now very much as a team.

Laura Hunt joined Barkers in October 2003 as a Family Law Clerk and Diane McKenzie is the newest member of staff working as a Receptionist. The computer systems have constantly been upgraded and improved helping the firm to secure a Franchise from the Legal Aid Board (now the Legal Services Commission) confirming the quality standards and systems that are now in place. The firm expanded into newly refurbished offices in Corporation Chambers in Bolton town centre in 2002 and a new advanced digital telephone system was installed to ensure a continually improving service.

A decision to continue to refine our "specialist" position resulted in a decision to no longer be a member of the Criminal Defence Service (CDS) so that we could devote more of our time to Family Law matters. In September 2007 the practice moved to new offices at 29 Chorley New Road and a complete new computer system was installed. Barkers have recently celebrated 15 years on the Bolton legal scene and are now a respected name in Legal Services in the town.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that not all marriages succeed. When a marriage breaks down it is not unusual for one or both parties to seek to dissolve the marriage by way of a Divorce or, less commonly, obtain a formal decree of Judicial Separation. A fair division of matrimonial assets, including the marital home, must be worked out. We have vast experience in negotiating settlements in cases from those with limited assets, to cases where the claims are substantial or complex, involving, for example, pensions and family-owned businesses. Both partners are members of the Law Society Family Panel and Resolution, with Jeremy Barker is a Resolution Accredited Specialist and a member of the SRA's Family Pane.

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Divorce - Do you need a lawyer?

A divorce is a tough and common experience for all the people across the world. With more and more complex breakups these days, there is no doubt that lawyers have become a necessity. Whether you and your London sweetheart cannot reach an agreement in regards to the property distribution, or you have a problem with the children’s custody, seek legal services and get the proper advice. Face the complicate problems easier with the help of a specialist.

There are times when a relationship ends because of domestic violence. The most important thing is that you hire a lawyer who protects your interests well and supports you in this difficult period. Before the marriage’s legal dissolution starts, he can get a restraining order from the dangerous spouse and the temporary custody if there are any children involved. If you fear your partner, do not hesitate and go to a legal adviser so that you can escape the terrible situation. A common reason for the high rates of divorces is infidelity. In case your lover gives you pain with his numerous cases of adultery and wastes your family money, a family attorney is of great help in assets and alimony court battles. When kids are at stake, their happiness is a major priority. Find the best solutions for your marital issues and minimize the negative impact of the split upon your little ones.

As separations are very disturbing, you can leave the difficult proceedings in the care of a professional. If you do not have knowledge of the legal procedures and the divorce law, you might get confused and not pick the proper alternatives for you. That is way, many individuals request assistance from the counselor. He will prepare all the necessary things for the trial and choose the best opportunity for you. Get expert advice and reduce the hassle.

Although a court will analyze all the documents you submit, you can receive a different divorce degree than the one you looked for if the legal documents do not clearly state your wishes. The attorney will make sure the legal paperwork describes your accurate position and that it will be delivered in time and without substantial delays that can disturb the process. Hire a good counselor and get over your complications sooner than you expected.

Due to massive stress and an emotional breakdown, many people who decide to file for divorce on their own can make serious mistakes. There are cases when you may not get the right value of a property or you may forget about a debt you have with financial services. These errors can lead to future legal procedures that will require additional fees. Avoid all these problems and let your case be handled by the specialist.

A lawyer is the best option when it comes to the protection of your legal rights in the divorce process. He has a vast knowledge of the law changes and similar cases that can be useful in your circumstance. As this legal procedure requires an experienced negotiator for your needs, a professional can get the best results because he is familiarized with the subject, judges and the other attorneys involved. Let him advocate for you and end your divorce with a positive outcome!